Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Could it be an update?

Yes it's true I am updating my blog. After fighting with my internet provider for a few days they seem to have magically fixed the painfully slow internet that once was. Sadly since my last post not much has changed. The exception to that is Tyson. He is now a full blown toddler! He is so much fun and just tonight said his first sentence "I love you." How cute is that!!! (I may have persuaded him a little to say it, but that is besides the point). Besides that we are just plugging along in good old I.F. Below are some pictures of fun things we have done lately:

State Basketball- Kev took 3rd place and played awesome!

Jazz vs. Laker playoff game 3-Great game, great seats!

Playing with friends!
my brother Mike's wedding
All the siblings (minus Matt)


Ryan and Brittany said...

yay you actually updated!!!! I can't believe Ty said I love you. Oh i miss you guys!! Keep updating so I know what is going on with you guys! love ya

The Davenports said...

Yay! Finally good to hear how you guys are doing! Keep at it!!

Sabs said...

oh sure wait til i don't have a computer to update! how did i not even know mike was getting married? i heard ty is totally into CARS and Mama Mia...I'm telling you he would really love coming to visit me! Miss y'all (i couldn't bring myself to type "you guys" ewe that sounds weird:)

Brian Williams said...

Matt and I look inebriated in the state basketball photo. Were we? I did drink about 10 of those free chocolate milks...